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The Beginners Guide to Eating Korean Food

August 12th, 2011

With the advance of modern era, the world had been only inclined to the western world food. But the Asians are doing a tremendous job at keeping the freshness of this era as well. Their freshness in nature and culture can be clearly seen through their magnificent dishes. The Koreans are very well versed with sea food and they have some excellent dishes which proves out to be a direct competition to the Western World fast foods. Here are some excellent dishes which is recommended to all the beginners who are thinking of trying Korean Food.

  1. Cheese Ramyeon

This dish is just like any noodle but it has a rich layer unadulterated cheese and some glorious fresh pan vegetables. The soup is a mixture of freshly prepared herbs found in the sea region. This dish is for all the beginners out there.

  1. Eomuk and Ttteokbokki

This dish is actually fresh grilled sea shells. They provide a wide range of flavor to one and stands as a crunchy fresh food.

  1. Sindangdong Tteokbokki

This dish is a fresh bowled soup which has eggs and noodles. Along with some mince and grilled vegetables and steaks, this dish stands out as an infatuation for all food lovers.

  1. Grilled Octopus

This dish is very common in the streets of Korea. They are actually freshly grilled sea octopuses which are small in size. Each meat steak is grilled at least twice so that it can attain maximum crunchiness. A need for every individual guaranteed.


  1. Hotbar

They are actually meat steaks with jelly like sauce served as a bar. It is quite firm and quick to eat. They provide a burst of traditional Korean flavors. It actually resembles an ice-cream bar.

  1. French Fries Corn Dog

This dish is quite excellent in terms of crunchiness provided by corns and steaks which offers grilled taste. They are supplied along with crunchy potatoes and fresh veggies.

  1. Boripap

It is actually a soup of soya which is served with fresh boiled vegetables. It is great for diet foods and provides enough taste after a rough day at work.

  1. Tower Ice Cream

The best ice cream in town is here but with a twist. Ice-cream which is actually quite long if you taste it, it feels like a flavors of different cream. The tower ice cream is longer than usual softy cones and has a burst of freshness in it.


  1. Pot Hot Veggies

As the name suggest, pot hot veggies is a mixture of different type of veggies. It generates quite a taste and is full of nutritional values. It has spices and different varieties of juices in it. It is a quite a spectacle for the veggie lovers as it has lot of freshly boiled veggies which are boiled and also partly roasted. It is aided with a soup which is full of spices o generate your taste buds with anxieties.

So enjoy the delicacy of Korean Food and try from our wide range of list. We are sure that you will get addicted and thank us later. It’s a treat for us too. Happy Food !

Bistro vs. restaurant what’s the difference

July 29th, 2011

We come across terms like a bistro, restaurant, etc. almost on a daily basis. When you have to make a choice to go out and eat where you would prefer to go, what are you in a mood for, should you go to a bistro or a restaurant. Well, you can’t choose where to go unless you know the difference between a bistro is and a restaurant is. A lot of people out there can’t differentiate between the two. Most of them won’t even know what a bistro is.

A bistro is a small, inexpensive restaurant. It is a small, French restaurant which serves food at moderate prices in a casual or modest setting. The atmosphere inside the premises is relaxed and informal. It is said that bistros originate from basement kitchens apartments where landlords increased their income by selling food to the public. They often serve French home-style cooking or slow cooked foods. The food served in a bistro is usually very simple and not elaborate.


A restaurant is a place where people sit and eat meals at moderate prices that are prepared and served on the premises. The word restaurant can be used for cheap, fast food centers as well as expensive luxury establishments. They vary widely in size and type, but the main distinguishing feature is the kind of food they offer. Some restaurants offer all three main meals whereas some restaurants only offer a single meal or two meals. A restaurant can also be established inside another business place like a hotel or a shopping mall.

It should strive to offer that same high-quality food and high-energy experience; the guests have come to love but in a different setting. Quality should be maintained at all times, and it is the primary requisite for any setting.

It should offer a variety of creative dishes to the customers; their responses should be well written for future responses.

After knowing the basics, you need to know the difference between the two is.

The main difference between bistro and restaurant is that bistro is small and offers moderate prices when compared to restaurants. Bistros tend to serve simple food while restaurants can have a broad range of choices. Bistros usually serve only French food, while restaurants can serve any cuisine. Bistros have an informal setting and moderate prices whereas restaurants have higher prices and a complete formal seating arrangement. Bistros have a casual atmosphere which often feels familiar and homey which isn’t something that can be said about the restaurants.


The structure of a Bistro restaurant is quite moderate; it is sleek in design and has some different characters as well. They offer dishes at reasonable prices and are quite homely in nature. To master the art of bistro, one has to go through a series of Bistro restaurants. Families can celebrate, and it will not disappoint. The ambiance speaks to what it caters.

So whatever you are in the mood for, go out, have some food and enjoy. Just be sure that are you going to the right place for the right type of food.

Mastering the Art of Bistro Dining

June 11th, 2011

Most people do not know what a bistro dining is; it is a dining which focuses on the food primarily and not on the setting in which it is served. The art of Bistro Dining is still evident on the streets of New York and Chicago. The people get a chance to witness the very food they are going to eat to be cooked before them by renowned chefs. People can see the workings of a real kitchen.  The menus offer a variety of taste. Bistro dishes like American Pepper (more here) crusted strip steak and grilled Paninis. The waiters and waitresses at a Bistro are quite familiar with the hospitality of their customers. They pay attention to each and every comment of the client and gladly accept the compliments as well as the negative remarks.


The structure of a Bistro restaurant is quite moderate; it is sleek in design and has some distinctive characters as well. They offer dishes at reasonable prices and are quite homely in nature. To master the art of bistro, one has to go through a series of Bistro restaurants. Families can celebrate, and it will not disappoint. The ambiance speaks to what it caters. The bistros are pretty much a family restaurant. Buffet should be worth the price. Soup should be bewildering and so the chicken wings. Fish in mustard sauce should be stand out. Prawns and cheese should appeal to the people Thai curry with steamed rice is also a kind of bistro masterpiece. Desserts should evoke a sense of delicacy. A simple strawberry ice cream can steal the show. But the service should be commendable. The food should look good as well as taste good. It should match with the expectations of the customers. The chefs should be flexible and should accept their roles with pride. They should guide their peers and look out for the perfect dish.

Catering is a way to approach French cuisine in fun and different way. Each event comes with new and exciting challenges but forces to remain innovative. Innovation is the primary objective of a Bistro; it should have creativity in each of its dishes. It should offer a variety of creative dishes to the customers; their responses should be well written for future responses.

It should strive to offer that same high-quality food and high-energy experience; the guests have come to love but in a different setting. Quality should be maintained at all times, and it is the primary requisite for any setting.


So whether your next catering event is an intimate dinner party or a festival, Bistro promises to deliver a mind-boggling catering experience so that the guests won’t quickly forget. The art of Bistro should be well guarded as it is one of the most peaceful experiences of eating. Bistro evokes a sense of mysticism; it is magical in many ways. It promotes a message of communal harmony through the richness and delicacy of its food.

So this is what we know as the art of Bistro, feel free to connect to it. It is gradually decreasing but if promoted with mannerisms, then surely its revival would a great one

How to make the best BBQ sauce at home

May 13th, 2011

The palate is one of the paramount factors in patron undertaking of the relish foods we eat.  Barbecuing produces strong taste to meats through the application of seasonings and sauces.

Flavor essence from the Kansas City and Texas are unique based on herbs. The herbs differ for each meat. A special sauce is always required to enhance the nature and freshness of the roasted meat. Here are the magical barbecue sauces that can make you a cordon bleu cook.

  1. Special Onion Rib Rubs Sauce

In Kansas City, they know BBQ ribs. Finish these ribs off with a good barbecue sauce. You’ll have a fantastically seasoned barbecue ribs. These ribs are so good that you will want to keep a bazooka wine ready for more than just ribs. The main ingredients of this sauce are:


  1. 1/2 cup/120 mL Brown sugar
  2. 1/4 cup/60 mL Paprika
  3. One tablespoon/15 mL Black pepper
  4. One tablespoon/15 mL Salt
  5. 1 tablespoon/15 mL Chili powder
  6. One tablespoon/15 mL Garlic powder
  7. One tablespoon/15 mL Onion powder
  8. One teaspoon/5 mL Cayenne


  1. Spicy Dust Sauce

The spicy earth is essentially the most intrinsic part of any barbecue seasoning. It’s the essence of many cultures blended into one for the perfect portrayal of Friday Night Blues. Kosher Salt and Cumin are the essential elements which make a good barbecue sauce. It unfurls a smell of utmost diligence to any of the food fiends. The main ingredients of this sauce are:

  1. 1/2 cup/120 mL Paprika
  2. 1/4 cup/60 mL kosher salt, finely ground
  3. 1/4 cup/60 mL Sugar
  4. Two tablespoons/30 mL Mustard Powder
  5. 1/4 cup/60 mL Chili Powder
  6. 1/4 cup/60 mL ground Cumin
  7. Two tablespoons/30 mL ground Black pepper
  8. 1/4 cup/60 mL granulated Garlic
  9. Two tablespoons/30 mL Cayenne

The sauce can stay up too many months and will fresh. This rub can be used on beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc.



  1. Yellow Rubs

A perfect wet mustard rub that sticks to the meat. This is an excellent way to flavor ribs no matter how they are cooked. The main ingredients of this sauce are:

  1. 2 cups/475 mL Dijon Mustard
  2. 1 cup/240 mL Minced Parsley
  3. 1/2 cup/120 mL Dried Orange or Lemon Peel
  4. 1/2 cup/120 mL Rosemary leaves, crushed
  5. 1/4 cup/60 mL Black pepper
  6. One tablespoon/15 mL Salt

It can be stored for up to 10 days after initial preparation.

  1. Pepper Simple Rubs

Pepper Simple Rubs are the easiest to cook. They can bring out the chef in you and can make your stature a very tall one. This is a very simple rub, but it’s hot. The main ingredients of this sauce are:

A.1 cup/240 mL Hot Chili Powder

  1. 1/4 cup/60 mL Garlic salt
  2. Two tablespoons/30 mL Onion Powder
  3. One tablespoon/15 mL Fresh Ground Pepper
  4. One tablespoon/15 mL Cayenne
  5. One teaspoon/5 mL White pepper

The ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and should be kept in a place with minimum light falling on it. The sauce can stay up too many months and will fresh. Apply rub evenly over ribs. As said, the general rule is what sticks is the perfect amount.


  1. Cuban Mojo Marinated

This is the most noteworthy barbecue seasoning of all time. The Cuban Mojo is a miscellany of every home augmented plant. It carries the freshest seasoning which has a cumulative time to store. It can even stay up to several months. The main ingredients of this sauce are:

  1. 3/4 cup extra-virgin Olive Oil
  2. One tablespoon Orange Zest
  3. 3/4 cup fresh Orange Juice
  4. 1/2 cup fresh Lime Juice
  5. 1 cup cilantro, finely chopped
  6. 1/4 cup lightly packed Mint leaves, finely chopped
  7. Eight garlic Cloves, minced
  8. (2 teaspoons dried oregano)
  9. Two teaspoons ground Cumin
  10. Kosher salt and pepper
  11. 3 and 1/2 pound boneless pork shoulder, in one piece


Mix cilantro, mints, minced oregano, cloves, cumin, lime juice, orange juice, and zest in the bowl along with the pieces of the pork in a bowl. The stuffing should always be kept in a receptacle. And there you get the perfect Cuban seasoning.


So keep yourself calm and have the grill on, that’s the momentous winner after all. Happy Steaks!

How did cookers change the art of cooking

April 25th, 2011

The contrivance of the pressure cooker is ascribed to Denis Papin, a French physicist. Papin manifested his “Steam Digestor” in May of 1679. His first experiment included the boiling of meat nubs in a steam vessel   He found that it cooked food rapidly, and that even old meat became tender. Advantages which he considered would be of considerable value.  Here are some of the very comprehensible lessons to get you started with a pressure cooker in a foremost way.

Pressure cookers make a substantial inclusion to just about any kitchen. These user-oriented appliances come in various layouts, including stainless steel, and many other hardened metals useful for high temperatures. Electric pressure cookers are more saleable. Choosing the right pressure cooker is an indispensable thing one should start with. For a novice user, perhaps the next best thing in town can be Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker and  even All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner which deals with the facile process of cooking many staple foods which can take even hours to get along. Whereas for a veteran liege, Futura by Hawkins Hard Anodized 5.0 Liter Pressure Cooker or even Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker are very utilitarian. They are the pioneers of modern cooking and widely every chef has accounted for it.


Well it happens every time and we can’t help but go on with it. It is best said that only the right utensils create the right food. So in order to adept better with a pressure cooker, we need the right crude stuff to be prepared. Your staples can be raw vegetables like potatoes, carrots, corn, fava beans, peas, and broth, or can be nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains, which takes longer in a regular fryer because of its firmness. Pressure cookers do more than whip up a flawless batch of rice.

A pressure cooker works on a simple principle: Steam pressure.

Pressure cookers have eased the hard work of the chefs. It has successfully helped those, creating magnificent dishes with less time and with great generosity. It has revolutionized the kitchen world with its wide of range of potential. Home makers can now feel a sigh of relief as they don’t have to go through rigorous procedures of boiling their dishes separately. Even an amateur can cook and boil food for him and no longer needs to be dependent. It has brought about a revolution in the field of delicacy as well.

Here are some of the foods of a variety of cuisines you can cook in your pressure cooker and try the exquisites of a steam food.

  • Sweet Potato and Black-eyed Peas One-pot-meal
  • Creamy Split Pea and Bacon Soup
  • Lentil Risotto
  • BBQ Pork Ribs & Spinach-Bean Salad
  • Pressure Cooked Chickpea Curry with Brown Rice (one pot meal)


Here is how cookers changed the art of cooking. So grab one today and enjoy the art of making some really cool and exotic dishes in the midst of a food cruise. So engulf into this new world of horizons and explore the richness of steam food in quick time Happy Food!

10 Fruit Hacks you’ve been missing out on

April 14th, 2011

We all are an ardent lover of fruits, not just for the requisites of a healthy living but also for the various taste it offers. Fruits are a divine creation and it has been a source of food for all the animals in the wild. Have you ever discovered various usages of a fruit? It can be used to make vibrant color recipes or most commonly hacks, so as to get the better of it.

Here are the 10 best fruit hacks which can bring out the extremes of taste and will help you dealing with them as well.

  1. Green Apple Hack

This hack generally involves the cutting of the Green Apple into slices and then pinning them on a tooth pick. Now take out a small pulp of it with the help of a spoon and stick it to the pin downwards. Serve it with hot jelly sauce.


  1. Real STRAW-berry

The Straw berry hack is the most interesting one on the list. Just press a Straw through a strawberry. It will make a hole through it. Enjoy the delicacy with some jelly spread in the middle of it.

  1. Peeling Green Apple

You can simply peel a Green Apple with the help of a grinding machine. Just stick the apple in the grinding machine, while it is in circular motion, use a peeler and just touch the surface of it. It will automatically peel the skin off.

  1. Banana Jelly Hack

In this hack, just make a hole through the banana with the help of a straw, take out the pulp of it. Fill up the cavity with the help of jelly. Cut the banana into slices and serve the delicacy.

  1. Pinned Banana Hack

This is actually a beautifully hack, just use a pin and insert it in the banana. Cut it in a cross way. After you have done, just peel the skin off and you will have a beautiful design. Serve it right away.

  1. Mango Pulp Glass Hack

Take a mango, cut it into halves. Use a glass and use it to get the pulp directly without even peeling the skin off. This hack is very useful for all the mothers out there.


  1. Slicing Pineapple in Style

Slicing a pineapple can be hard at times. Use a pin or a needle for this. Cut the pineapple into four parts. Then use the needle to make marks on the pulp and cut it accordingly. You will be able to carve out a design with the help of a needle. The final result will be cool, serve it right away.

  1. Watermelon Hack

Tired of cutting watermelon pulp? Try something different. Cut the watermelon into two halves. Now on the top of it, make a vertical stroke. Repeat it several times. Then again make a set of horizontal lines. At the end you will get many cubes of watermelon.

  1. Kiwi Hack

Slicing and peeling a kiwi can be hard at times but there is a hack for it too. Cut the kiwi into half. Now extract the pulp with the help of a spoon. You will readily have the moist pulp. Serve it right away.

  1. Grapes Hack

Cutting a grape is a tough challenge, but it is quite easy. Place a plate and gather all the grapes on top of it. Now take another plate and cover it. Take a knife and place a gentle stroke between the plates. You will have some great evenly sliced grapes.


That’s all! Hope you can apply these great tricks in your day to day life.

The REAL way to eat a burger – You’ve been doing it all wrong!

March 28th, 2011

Yes! You have been doing it all wrong, the traditional art of eating a burger is lost and we don’t blame it on you. Burgers had been designed in the 90’s for the truck drivers so that they can have a nice hearty and a quick meal for the rest of their journey. But who knew, Burgers would become so popular that every age group is mesmerized by it. Well some of you might be eating it right and some of you are just ruining it by either dipping it in a lumpy sauce or just by pressing it. Each dish has some unique way to be eaten, you just have to know the swift spot and you will be able to master the art to eat. 90% of people in U.S.A. have burgers in their daily regime, whether its office or your home, you need to eat it in a proper way so that you do not mock yourself in a get together or in your first date.

So let’s start with the steps of how you should a belly burger.


Most often or not, people have a tendency to press the burger so that the meat is intact and you get all the ingredients right way in your mouth. But that is totally wrong. You don’t have to press it. By pressing it, you are just ruining the precious meat as it gets all mushy and the integrity of the stuffing dies right away. Have it as the chef presented it, you will be just ruining a precious art by pressing it.



Well we all know that sauce is a very essential element which turns even the boring of food items into delicacies. But Burger is pure art. You will not need any sauce as it is well stuffed with all the best sauces in the world. Well you can have it later of course but try not to have the first bite with a sauce as you will not know the direct taste of your burger. Well moreover chefs do not recommend any sauce either. So it’s your choice, take the free way or the highway. The choice is totally yours to make.


There are some rules which you should pertain to if you are eating your Burger with a sauce. Try not to put the sauce on the exterior part of the Burger. If that is the case then you will only taste the sauce and not the burger. Put the sauce in between the buns and coat it with an even layer. An uneven layer will result into ruining the stuffed meat.


Many people just use a spoon or a fork to eat a burger, as Burger was designed to be a quick meal, the whole idea of using a spoon and a fork is useless. And moreover if use it, you just dissimilate the ingredients separately and eat it, which insults the chef’s sentiments.


The best way to eat a Burger without getting your hands messy is just by cutting the burger into two separate pieces. For all those who still want to experiment, there is a huge scope as you have two halves and different sauces to use it with.


So that’s how to eat a Burger. So the next time you go to Burger King or McDonalds, do justice by your Burger.

5 Disney Inspired recipes that your kids will go crazy over

March 9th, 2011

What do kids love? The basics would be chocolate, food, cartoons. So what if we take all of these, combine them and make something that would make the kids happy. A recipe which will include their favorite Disney characters waiting to be eaten. Just imagine Donald Duck and Pooh inviting your kids to a realm of joy and healthy food, which will not only keep them entertained but will also help their diets to be better and more profound. The rudimentary element of life is childhood, you should share some great diets with them which will energize as well as keep them happy. Yes, you guessed it right, what if we make some Disney inspired recipes for kids. It will be a treat not just to their stomachs but also to their eyes. So let’s start this awesome journey of delicious recipes.

Here are the top 5 Disney inspired recipes that your kids will go crazy over.

1)  Doughnuts resembling Minnie, Mickey, Donald, and Daisy.

Just make some doughnuts, or get some from the market and use the right icing and colors to make them look like their favorite cartoon characters.


2) Use marshmallows to make fluffy cupcakes resembling Baymax from Big Hero 6.

There is nothing adorable than the character of Baymax. He was just so adorable. Even adult nowadays want to own a Baymax, so how can a kid resist him from this Disney character. So getting a chance to have a cupcake shaped like Baymax is like a dream come true for anyone.

3) Form some Mickey-shaped soft pretzels

Mickey Mouse was undoubtedly one of the favorite characters for every kid and still remains to be the same. And there won’t be a kid out there who would say no to pretzels. So what if you made pretzels that looks like Mickey Mouse. The kids would go crazy over these pretzels and just for fun you can color the ears black so that it looks more like Mickey. It’s an awesome idea to rejuvenate their cartoon moments and you being a parent will love it.

4) Make an edible Olaf made with ice cream and a cookie.

When frozen came out, the movie was a hit, not just because of its great soundtrack but also because everyone’s heart seemed to “melt” for Olaf. Olaf was one of the cutest characters in the movie. So just take a cookie, cover it up with ice cream and use colors to make it look like Olaf and there is no way that any kid would be able to resist it.



This is an item that not just the kids but also the parents would love. That is because it is the healthiest item on the list. It looks like a cartoon character so the kids are going to love it and it is made up of fruits and all you need is apple, black plum and a mini marshmallow to make it, so easy on the pocket too.

So these are the best Disney inspired recipes for you to make for your kids, so go make something for your kids, and give them a feast.

Safety Equipment You Need for a Relaxed BBQ

February 3rd, 2011

With the summer extravaganza of cooking delicious food on grills in many homes comes the enormous risk of making errors that could prove fatal to people. Also, it is a daunting fact that barbecuing can be a complicated process by itself, add to it the safety precautions, and it can even become a nuisance for some. But instructions like these are crucial, and a step by step guide can take you a long way.

Let’s make the process of fun cooking easier by pointing out several gadgets and techniques that you can use to ensure safety. After all, safety should be your foremost priority.

  1. Grilling Gloves – Put away your mittens and dress up in your grilling gloves for the process to be extra smooth and safe. Not only do grilling gloves help avoid the heat that emerges from grills, but it also affirms that you don’t set yourself on fire. Your food looks good on fire, not your body.
  1. Use utensils that have long handles – Another preventive way to not risk fire is to use utensils that have longer handles so that the heat does not burn your skin. That way, you would also have safeguarded fires. Stainless steel tongs with long handles are available for sturdy grip and safety.


  1. Chimney Starter – Chimney Starters are an easy equivalent to lighter fluids which increase the potential for you can start your coal with comparative ease by using a few newspapers and matchsticks due to its upright metal tube. It would also be recommended to use an electric smoker to be eco-friendly, and not add on to the smoking flames and cause the environment more damage.


  1. The material of Spatula – It is necessary that you use a good grilling spatula, possibly Silicone or Metal, to bring a good grilling experience for turning burgers or a filet of fish.


  1. Basting Brush – A basting brush is used to apply sauce in the last few minutes of grilling. A long-handled brush with heat-resistant silicone bristles can ease the process and guard you against


  1. Aluminum foil – To ensure that your food remains healthy to be consumed, wrap your meat in aluminum foil and keep it stored in the refrigerator beyond 2 hours of cook. Moreover, aluminum foil can also be used to protect smaller vegetables and meat slices from falling in the grill, and to keep your grill clean for use.


  1. Instant Probe Thermometer – To determine the doneness of your meat, you could have to use a thermometer. Experts say that despite the colors that would indicate how well a steak or meat has been cooked, thermometers are used to get definite. Furthermore, eating overcooked food is not healthy for the body.

  1. Proper Disposal – Do not put the ashes from a charcoal barbecue right after into a dustbin or disposal bag for it can melt the plastic and cause a fire. For gas barbecues, turn off the gas knobs to ascertain any residual gas in the pipe has been used up, and the grill does not catch on fire.


  1. Fire extinguisher – Issuing complete common sense, keep a fire extinguisher close by for emergency uses. Flare-ups are a common occurrence while grilling, and you should guard your belongings as well as yourself by having a fire extinguisher right by your side if the need ever arises.

The NFPA stated that about 16,600 people were treated for injuries from grills and barbecues in the year 2014. The summer months remain at the peak on the possibility of catching fire or other unsafe activities that could cause potential damage. Protecting your loved ones by using proper gadgets and tools while grilling is important, but make sure you don’t miss out on the fun as well. We hope you have a safe grilling experience.

How to make calorie powerhouse smoothie for gym lovers

January 20th, 2011

The trend of gym is beguiling and to keep up with the different exercises you undergo, you need a perfect regime and to help with it, a calorie powerhouse is a must. We are so much mesmerized by the fact that we all want to go a gym and have a rigid muscle structure and what not. However it isn’t something that will just happen in a day. It is something that takes time, dedication and perfect diet, right amount of protein and calorie intake.

Drinks are an intrinsic part of any diet, whether you go to a gym or not, it is essential. And especially after a good amount of sweating, a good drink just adds feathers to your wings of success. It gives you the right amount of energy and energizes you for a better and healthy living.

So here we are with an awesome protein shake recipe that is good not just for the body but also tastes good and is by far the best delicious drink.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Chocolate is the most avoided substance by gym lovers but for some unknown reasons. You should have an extensive idea, what a magical substance it is, if used judiciously. This is a combination which is pretty unlike and which you can try on a daily basis. But there’s nothing better for your body if it tastes so good that you won’t even realize that the reason you are drinking it in the first place.


Peanuts will provide your body with Vitamin E, Niacin, protein and Manganese, while chocolate will give you a great source of carbohydrates. This drink is a treat to all of those who want to tone their muscles rigidity and want to enhance it. The combination provides you with excessive energy which keeps your stamina at a higher level so that the next time you sweat, you have energy left and great amount of squats and pushups to complete within a set amount of time.

The best part, it’s a good source of monosaturated fat and some heart protective antioxidants. All these benefits and nutrition in just one drink, isn’t it amazing!


To make a chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake, you will be needing two scoops of DailyBurn feul -6 Chocolate Protein Shake powder or any other concentration with right ratio of chocolate, be careful not to intake an excessive amount of any of the particular substance. Grab your gym shaker bottle. Milk is an important part of this diet, so you will have to get some milk probably soy milk or skim milk with unsweetened extracted almond in the solution.  Almond provides with a good source of protein and strengthens your muscle, but do not intake sweetened almond as it will adverse the effects of it. Try to grab the unsweetened version of it or leave it without any.  Get some bananas and grind them, it will not only provide a great delicacy to it but also it is a source of calorie which is the main ingredient of this drink. Then add two tablespoons of peanut butter, it will add an absolute delicacy to the drink. Grab three to five cubes of ice so as to have chilled drink which is necessary as for any shake, the chilling effect has a greater effect. You can either shake your shaker or sipper bottle or blend the ingredients separately in a blender.

So Voila! You have the perfect delicious calorie powerhouse drink.

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