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How to make calorie powerhouse smoothie for gym lovers

January 20th, 2011

The trend of gym is beguiling and to keep up with the different exercises you undergo, you need a perfect regime and to help with it, a calorie powerhouse is a must. We are so much mesmerized by the fact that we all want to go a gym and have a rigid muscle structure and what not. However it isn’t something that will just happen in a day. It is something that takes time, dedication and perfect diet, right amount of protein and calorie intake.

Drinks are an intrinsic part of any diet, whether you go to a gym or not, it is essential. And especially after a good amount of sweating, a good drink just adds feathers to your wings of success. It gives you the right amount of energy and energizes you for a better and healthy living.

So here we are with an awesome protein shake recipe that is good not just for the body but also tastes good and is by far the best delicious drink.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Chocolate is the most avoided substance by gym lovers but for some unknown reasons. You should have an extensive idea, what a magical substance it is, if used judiciously. This is a combination which is pretty unlike and which you can try on a daily basis. But there’s nothing better for your body if it tastes so good that you won’t even realize that the reason you are drinking it in the first place.


Peanuts will provide your body with Vitamin E, Niacin, protein and Manganese, while chocolate will give you a great source of carbohydrates. This drink is a treat to all of those who want to tone their muscles rigidity and want to enhance it. The combination provides you with excessive energy which keeps your stamina at a higher level so that the next time you sweat, you have energy left and great amount of squats and pushups to complete within a set amount of time.

The best part, it’s a good source of monosaturated fat and some heart protective antioxidants. All these benefits and nutrition in just one drink, isn’t it amazing!


To make a chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake, you will be needing two scoops of DailyBurn feul -6 Chocolate Protein Shake powder or any other concentration with right ratio of chocolate, be careful not to intake an excessive amount of any of the particular substance. Grab your gym shaker bottle. Milk is an important part of this diet, so you will have to get some milk probably soy milk or skim milk with unsweetened extracted almond in the solution.  Almond provides with a good source of protein and strengthens your muscle, but do not intake sweetened almond as it will adverse the effects of it. Try to grab the unsweetened version of it or leave it without any.  Get some bananas and grind them, it will not only provide a great delicacy to it but also it is a source of calorie which is the main ingredient of this drink. Then add two tablespoons of peanut butter, it will add an absolute delicacy to the drink. Grab three to five cubes of ice so as to have chilled drink which is necessary as for any shake, the chilling effect has a greater effect. You can either shake your shaker or sipper bottle or blend the ingredients separately in a blender.

So Voila! You have the perfect delicious calorie powerhouse drink.

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