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5 Disney Inspired recipes that your kids will go crazy over

March 9th, 2011

What do kids love? The basics would be chocolate, food, cartoons. So what if we take all of these, combine them and make something that would make the kids happy. A recipe which will include their favorite Disney characters waiting to be eaten. Just imagine Donald Duck and Pooh inviting your kids to a realm of joy and healthy food, which will not only keep them entertained but will also help their diets to be better and more profound. The rudimentary element of life is childhood, you should share some great diets with them which will energize as well as keep them happy. Yes, you guessed it right, what if we make some Disney inspired recipes for kids. It will be a treat not just to their stomachs but also to their eyes. So let’s start this awesome journey of delicious recipes.

Here are the top 5 Disney inspired recipes that your kids will go crazy over.

1)  Doughnuts resembling Minnie, Mickey, Donald, and Daisy.

Just make some doughnuts, or get some from the market and use the right icing and colors to make them look like their favorite cartoon characters.


2) Use marshmallows to make fluffy cupcakes resembling Baymax from Big Hero 6.

There is nothing adorable than the character of Baymax. He was just so adorable. Even adult nowadays want to own a Baymax, so how can a kid resist him from this Disney character. So getting a chance to have a cupcake shaped like Baymax is like a dream come true for anyone.

3) Form some Mickey-shaped soft pretzels

Mickey Mouse was undoubtedly one of the favorite characters for every kid and still remains to be the same. And there won’t be a kid out there who would say no to pretzels. So what if you made pretzels that looks like Mickey Mouse. The kids would go crazy over these pretzels and just for fun you can color the ears black so that it looks more like Mickey. It’s an awesome idea to rejuvenate their cartoon moments and you being a parent will love it.

4) Make an edible Olaf made with ice cream and a cookie.

When frozen came out, the movie was a hit, not just because of its great soundtrack but also because everyone’s heart seemed to “melt” for Olaf. Olaf was one of the cutest characters in the movie. So just take a cookie, cover it up with ice cream and use colors to make it look like Olaf and there is no way that any kid would be able to resist it.



This is an item that not just the kids but also the parents would love. That is because it is the healthiest item on the list. It looks like a cartoon character so the kids are going to love it and it is made up of fruits and all you need is apple, black plum and a mini marshmallow to make it, so easy on the pocket too.

So these are the best Disney inspired recipes for you to make for your kids, so go make something for your kids, and give them a feast.

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