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The REAL way to eat a burger – You’ve been doing it all wrong!

March 28th, 2011

Yes! You have been doing it all wrong, the traditional art of eating a burger is lost and we don’t blame it on you. Burgers had been designed in the 90’s for the truck drivers so that they can have a nice hearty and a quick meal for the rest of their journey. But who knew, Burgers would become so popular that every age group is mesmerized by it. Well some of you might be eating it right and some of you are just ruining it by either dipping it in a lumpy sauce or just by pressing it. Each dish has some unique way to be eaten, you just have to know the swift spot and you will be able to master the art to eat. 90% of people in U.S.A. have burgers in their daily regime, whether its office or your home, you need to eat it in a proper way so that you do not mock yourself in a get together or in your first date.

So let’s start with the steps of how you should a belly burger.


Most often or not, people have a tendency to press the burger so that the meat is intact and you get all the ingredients right way in your mouth. But that is totally wrong. You don’t have to press it. By pressing it, you are just ruining the precious meat as it gets all mushy and the integrity of the stuffing dies right away. Have it as the chef presented it, you will be just ruining a precious art by pressing it.



Well we all know that sauce is a very essential element which turns even the boring of food items into delicacies. But Burger is pure art. You will not need any sauce as it is well stuffed with all the best sauces in the world. Well you can have it later of course but try not to have the first bite with a sauce as you will not know the direct taste of your burger. Well moreover chefs do not recommend any sauce either. So it’s your choice, take the free way or the highway. The choice is totally yours to make.


There are some rules which you should pertain to if you are eating your Burger with a sauce. Try not to put the sauce on the exterior part of the Burger. If that is the case then you will only taste the sauce and not the burger. Put the sauce in between the buns and coat it with an even layer. An uneven layer will result into ruining the stuffed meat.


Many people just use a spoon or a fork to eat a burger, as Burger was designed to be a quick meal, the whole idea of using a spoon and a fork is useless. And moreover if use it, you just dissimilate the ingredients separately and eat it, which insults the chef’s sentiments.


The best way to eat a Burger without getting your hands messy is just by cutting the burger into two separate pieces. For all those who still want to experiment, there is a huge scope as you have two halves and different sauces to use it with.


So that’s how to eat a Burger. So the next time you go to Burger King or McDonalds, do justice by your Burger.

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