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10 Fruit Hacks you’ve been missing out on

April 14th, 2011

We all are an ardent lover of fruits, not just for the requisites of a healthy living but also for the various taste it offers. Fruits are a divine creation and it has been a source of food for all the animals in the wild. Have you ever discovered various usages of a fruit? It can be used to make vibrant color recipes or most commonly hacks, so as to get the better of it.

Here are the 10 best fruit hacks which can bring out the extremes of taste and will help you dealing with them as well.

  1. Green Apple Hack

This hack generally involves the cutting of the Green Apple into slices and then pinning them on a tooth pick. Now take out a small pulp of it with the help of a spoon and stick it to the pin downwards. Serve it with hot jelly sauce.


  1. Real STRAW-berry

The Straw berry hack is the most interesting one on the list. Just press a Straw through a strawberry. It will make a hole through it. Enjoy the delicacy with some jelly spread in the middle of it.

  1. Peeling Green Apple

You can simply peel a Green Apple with the help of a grinding machine. Just stick the apple in the grinding machine, while it is in circular motion, use a peeler and just touch the surface of it. It will automatically peel the skin off.

  1. Banana Jelly Hack

In this hack, just make a hole through the banana with the help of a straw, take out the pulp of it. Fill up the cavity with the help of jelly. Cut the banana into slices and serve the delicacy.

  1. Pinned Banana Hack

This is actually a beautifully hack, just use a pin and insert it in the banana. Cut it in a cross way. After you have done, just peel the skin off and you will have a beautiful design. Serve it right away.

  1. Mango Pulp Glass Hack

Take a mango, cut it into halves. Use a glass and use it to get the pulp directly without even peeling the skin off. This hack is very useful for all the mothers out there.


  1. Slicing Pineapple in Style

Slicing a pineapple can be hard at times. Use a pin or a needle for this. Cut the pineapple into four parts. Then use the needle to make marks on the pulp and cut it accordingly. You will be able to carve out a design with the help of a needle. The final result will be cool, serve it right away.

  1. Watermelon Hack

Tired of cutting watermelon pulp? Try something different. Cut the watermelon into two halves. Now on the top of it, make a vertical stroke. Repeat it several times. Then again make a set of horizontal lines. At the end you will get many cubes of watermelon.

  1. Kiwi Hack

Slicing and peeling a kiwi can be hard at times but there is a hack for it too. Cut the kiwi into half. Now extract the pulp with the help of a spoon. You will readily have the moist pulp. Serve it right away.

  1. Grapes Hack

Cutting a grape is a tough challenge, but it is quite easy. Place a plate and gather all the grapes on top of it. Now take another plate and cover it. Take a knife and place a gentle stroke between the plates. You will have some great evenly sliced grapes.


That’s all! Hope you can apply these great tricks in your day to day life.

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