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The Beginners Guide to Eating Korean Food

August 12th, 2011

With the advance of modern era, the world had been only inclined to the western world food. But the Asians are doing a tremendous job at keeping the freshness of this era as well. Their freshness in nature and culture can be clearly seen through their magnificent dishes. The Koreans are very well versed with sea food and they have some excellent dishes which proves out to be a direct competition to the Western World fast foods. Here are some excellent dishes which is recommended to all the beginners who are thinking of trying Korean Food.

  1. Cheese Ramyeon

This dish is just like any noodle but it has a rich layer unadulterated cheese and some glorious fresh pan vegetables. The soup is a mixture of freshly prepared herbs found in the sea region. This dish is for all the beginners out there.

  1. Eomuk and Ttteokbokki

This dish is actually fresh grilled sea shells. They provide a wide range of flavor to one and stands as a crunchy fresh food.

  1. Sindangdong Tteokbokki

This dish is a fresh bowled soup which has eggs and noodles. Along with some mince and grilled vegetables and steaks, this dish stands out as an infatuation for all food lovers.

  1. Grilled Octopus

This dish is very common in the streets of Korea. They are actually freshly grilled sea octopuses which are small in size. Each meat steak is grilled at least twice so that it can attain maximum crunchiness. A need for every individual guaranteed.


  1. Hotbar

They are actually meat steaks with jelly like sauce served as a bar. It is quite firm and quick to eat. They provide a burst of traditional Korean flavors. It actually resembles an ice-cream bar.

  1. French Fries Corn Dog

This dish is quite excellent in terms of crunchiness provided by corns and steaks which offers grilled taste. They are supplied along with crunchy potatoes and fresh veggies.

  1. Boripap

It is actually a soup of soya which is served with fresh boiled vegetables. It is great for diet foods and provides enough taste after a rough day at work.

  1. Tower Ice Cream

The best ice cream in town is here but with a twist. Ice-cream which is actually quite long if you taste it, it feels like a flavors of different cream. The tower ice cream is longer than usual softy cones and has a burst of freshness in it.


  1. Pot Hot Veggies

As the name suggest, pot hot veggies is a mixture of different type of veggies. It generates quite a taste and is full of nutritional values. It has spices and different varieties of juices in it. It is a quite a spectacle for the veggie lovers as it has lot of freshly boiled veggies which are boiled and also partly roasted. It is aided with a soup which is full of spices o generate your taste buds with anxieties.

So enjoy the delicacy of Korean Food and try from our wide range of list. We are sure that you will get addicted and thank us later. It’s a treat for us too. Happy Food !

Safety Equipment You Need for a Relaxed BBQ

February 3rd, 2011

With the summer extravaganza of cooking delicious food on grills in many homes comes the enormous risk of making errors that could prove fatal to people. Also, it is a daunting fact that barbecuing can be a complicated process by itself, add to it the safety precautions, and it can even become a nuisance for some. But instructions like these are crucial, and a step by step guide can take you a long way.

Let’s make the process of fun cooking easier by pointing out several gadgets and techniques that you can use to ensure safety. After all, safety should be your foremost priority.

  1. Grilling Gloves – Put away your mittens and dress up in your grilling gloves for the process to be extra smooth and safe. Not only do grilling gloves help avoid the heat that emerges from grills, but it also affirms that you don’t set yourself on fire. Your food looks good on fire, not your body.
  1. Use utensils that have long handles – Another preventive way to not risk fire is to use utensils that have longer handles so that the heat does not burn your skin. That way, you would also have safeguarded fires. Stainless steel tongs with long handles are available for sturdy grip and safety.


  1. Chimney Starter – Chimney Starters are an easy equivalent to lighter fluids which increase the potential for you can start your coal with comparative ease by using a few newspapers and matchsticks due to its upright metal tube. It would also be recommended to use an electric smoker to be eco-friendly, and not add on to the smoking flames and cause the environment more damage.


  1. The material of Spatula – It is necessary that you use a good grilling spatula, possibly Silicone or Metal, to bring a good grilling experience for turning burgers or a filet of fish.


  1. Basting Brush – A basting brush is used to apply sauce in the last few minutes of grilling. A long-handled brush with heat-resistant silicone bristles can ease the process and guard you against


  1. Aluminum foil – To ensure that your food remains healthy to be consumed, wrap your meat in aluminum foil and keep it stored in the refrigerator beyond 2 hours of cook. Moreover, aluminum foil can also be used to protect smaller vegetables and meat slices from falling in the grill, and to keep your grill clean for use.


  1. Instant Probe Thermometer – To determine the doneness of your meat, you could have to use a thermometer. Experts say that despite the colors that would indicate how well a steak or meat has been cooked, thermometers are used to get definite. Furthermore, eating overcooked food is not healthy for the body.

  1. Proper Disposal – Do not put the ashes from a charcoal barbecue right after into a dustbin or disposal bag for it can melt the plastic and cause a fire. For gas barbecues, turn off the gas knobs to ascertain any residual gas in the pipe has been used up, and the grill does not catch on fire.


  1. Fire extinguisher – Issuing complete common sense, keep a fire extinguisher close by for emergency uses. Flare-ups are a common occurrence while grilling, and you should guard your belongings as well as yourself by having a fire extinguisher right by your side if the need ever arises.

The NFPA stated that about 16,600 people were treated for injuries from grills and barbecues in the year 2014. The summer months remain at the peak on the possibility of catching fire or other unsafe activities that could cause potential damage. Protecting your loved ones by using proper gadgets and tools while grilling is important, but make sure you don’t miss out on the fun as well. We hope you have a safe grilling experience.

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